Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where do you work?

  • We work on churches wherever the need brings us.
  • However, there are minimal size requirements for projects outside our area. 

What’s your warranty policy?

  • Most restoration and new installation projects have a 5 year warranty on labor (unless otherwise noted)
  • Materials are guaranteed according to manufacturer's policy.

What is a steeplejack?

The compound word steeple-jack is comprised of the two words steeple and jack. Steeple clearly defining the location and jack, often meaning a man, laborer or a sailor. Though the first known use of the word steeplejack dates back to 1852 the techniques are centuries old. It is believed that the sailors of the tall sailing ships are the original steeplejacks. They would come to port and during their time ashore they would use their rigging skills to climb and repair church steeples. Merriam-Webster defines a steeplejack as “a person whose work is building smokestacks, towers, or steeples or climbing up the outside of such structures to paint and make repairs.” 

Why still use the steeplejack techniques?

  • Access to difficult areas
  • More affordable than "modern" high-work equipment
  • Up close quality repairs

Is it safe?

  • Yes, our steeplejack techniques are OSHA approved and regulated
  • Every worker receives extensive training and is equipped with personal safety gear